Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
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The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) is a pilot program that provides Students of Colour with the opportunity to develop their academic skills as researchers and foster a sense of confidence as scholars. With its inclusive learning environment and community-engaged component, SURE provides a space for students to affirm their racial identities, experiences, and communities in their praxis-oriented research.

This pilot program emerged from discussions with Amilah Baksh, Cassie Wever, and Cameron Litchmore. SURE was created and designed by Dr. Jade Ferguson, Associate Professor in the School of English & Theatre Studies. Laila El Mugammar serves as Researcher & Community Liaison, facilitating student learning and public scholarship in Guelph. Community placements in Halifax were organized and facilitated by Cassie Wever and Project Serve.

SURE is funded by a grant from the Learning Enhancement Fund, and has received additional support and contributions from the School of English & Theatre Studies, the College of Arts, Student Life, and the Re·Vision Centre.

SURE/PSNS at Delmore Buddy Daye Learning Institute

SURE is made possible by the conversations and commitments made by the following faculty, staff, and students at the University of Guelph: Ann Wilson, Phyllis Reynen, Olga Petrik, Cory Hector, Samantha Brennan, Janet Doner, Julia Beswick, Aron Fazekas, Sarah Fulmer, Megan Sager, Savannah Clarke, Joshua Ehlebracht, Ingrid Mundel, Carla Rice, Kavya Yoganathan, Erin MacIndoe-Sproule, and Hannah Fowlie.

Absolute gratitude for the various individuals and institutions that extended their support, knowledge, and experience to this pilot program: Kate Hames, Phanuel Antwi, Whitney French, John Wedderburn, George Frempong, and Sylvia Parris-Drummond, and Chanae Parsons (DBDLI), Isaac Saney, Andrew Howe (the Africville Museum), Afua Cooper, Louise Delisle, the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre, the Black Cultural Centre, El Jones, Shaani Singh (Hope Blooms), Asher Trim-Gaskin (Imhotep’s Legacy), Sylvia Hamilton, Steven Schwinghamer (Canadian Museum of Immigration), Nova Scotia Archives, Erin Wunker, Bart Vautour, and Amber Dean.