Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
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One of the main objectives of SURE is to build a vibrant and meaningful academic community for Students of Colour at the University of Guelph and beyond. SURE emphasizes the importance of community for building, shaping, and inspiring confidence in Students of Colour in academic spaces, campus leadership, and professional environments. In Summer 2019, SURE scholars were introduced to a network of Black Canadian academics, artists, and activists as well as Black Canadian community organizations and educational institutions.

Digital Narrative Created By Laxmi Aryal and Jaden Walters

Public scholarship is essential to SURE’s commitment to mobilizing knowledge and knowledge production within and between the university and communities-at-large. In Summer 2019, students seized various opportunities to share their experience, knowledge, and insight through digital narrative building at ReĀ·Vision. Additionally, students spoke about their enhanced awareness and understanding of what is means to be black in Canada on the Black Power Hour, which offers incarcerated Nova Scotians education over the airwaves. El Jones generously provided an opportunity on the Black Power Hour for students to share their perspectives and lived experiences to her radio audience.

A selection of SURE students’ appearance on the Black Power Hour